Do you feel like you’re stuck in your digital transformation? Do you still use paper, excel and emails to manage your processes?  Do your costs rise but your productivity stagnates? Then you might benefit from our workshop!

Target Group

This workshop is aimed to help mittelstand companies that have already started their Digital Transformation journey. But cannot proceed further due to any reason.

What to expect?

At the end of the 1-day workshop, we start with the key process that you brought to the table, which we will discover together, analyze optimization and automation potentials. However, after the workshop, you will receive the redesigned process to implement right away.

Your Workshop in 4 Steps

Although this workshop is designed for one day, it requires thorough preparation and delivers way more. First, you will receive your pre-workshop kit, where you can provide us with the necessary information. Then during the workshop, we map and analyze your process together. Finally, after the workshop you will receive a redesigned process as well as a workshop report.

Our Process Management Experience

Our experience with BPM extends to what the market offers on average. We have been working with BPM systems for decades and proud to serve various customers with process discovery, optimization, digizalitazion, and automation.

Not sure whether you need process optimization?

We have recently wrote a comprehensive blog post about execution of process optimization. This post also include information about how to judge whether your processes need to be optimized!

360 Process Consulting Workshop - Price

3499 2499
  • Process of your Choice
  • 1 Day Workshop
  • Together with 2 of our experts

New-year price only until 31.03.2022!

Starting Point

We ask you to bring a key process to optimize or a paint point in your business to solve. Then we start from there together. Key point here is that we perform the whole exercise together with you.


* We suggest 3 participants, for different inquiries please contact us.


After the workshop you will receive your re-designed process and your workshop report, including concrete next steps. But it does not end there. We follow-up with a workshop review.


Do you need more information?

No problem! Book an unsolicited and free of charge meeting with us to see whether we are the right partner for you. 


Here you can find our use-cases for Mittelstand companies. We can also create a POC for you, in case you cannot find what you are looking for.


Here are free resources which will help you through your Digital Transformation Journey. Please let us know if you want more content.

360 DT Blog

Here you can access our Blog posts in German and in English regarding Digital Transformation for Mittelstand companies, especially in the German-speaking region.