Automation in Cloud for Mittelstand w Margot Mückstein – The Digital Mittelstand Ep. 33

In this episode, together with Margot Mückstein, we covered quite interesting topics around #cloud based process automation applications and their use-cases for #Mittelstand.

We have talked about the following topics;

  • How cloud solutions can help Mittelstand?
  • Are cloud solutions secure?
  • How does Cloudomation help Mittelstand?
  • What does a bank have to do with cloud systems?
  • Can you give us use-cases from your clients in Mittelstand?
  • How Cloudomation overcomes its clients’ security concerns?
  • What’s Margot’s top suggestion for Mittelstand owners, managers to apply right away?

Margot is the co-founder of Cloudomation and joined us from Vienna, Austria. Cloudomation where Mittelstand to overcome data inconsistency, process optimization and automation as well as reducing the workload of IT Department.s

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