Business Process Management in the New Normal for Mittelstand – The Digital Mittelstand Ep: 8

In this video, I am talking about Business Process Management in the new normal, and how it will effect the #mittelstand.

For this purpose, I am using my #BPM Guide, which I prepared a couple of months ago, where I interviewed the top 6 BPM experts.

My aim is to show the mittelstand, how they can adapt themselves quickly to the new normal. Therefore I have asked 3 questions to each person.

After the introduction, I go over the questions and pick the highlight of that person.

Here are the 3 questions;

1. Digital Transformation and BPM in the new normal?

2. No-code&low-code versus high-code approach?

3. What is your top suggestion to mittelstand owners, managers to apply right away?

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