Datenschutz (GDPR) for Mittelstand

In this episode, together with Ralf Becker, we covered quite interesting topics around Datenschutz (Data Protection), GDPR, and Implications for #Mittelstand. Salesforce, O365, AWS and how they process our data.

We have talked about the following topics;

• Why the name daschug?

• How should Mittelstand be aware of when it comes to Data Protection and GDPR?

• Which criteria should Mittelstand have while choosing software like Office 365, Salesforce, etc.?

• How does daschug help Mittelstand?

• What are the use-cases from your clients in Mittelstand?

• What’s Ralf’s top suggestion for Mittelstand owners, managers to apply right away?

Ralf is the founder and CEO of daschug GmbH, with its team serving around 100 mid-size businesses in data protection and information security, located in Darmstadt in the center of Germany. He is an external data protection officer, as well as an information security officer. He has more than 20 years of experience in the field.

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