Digital Mittelstand – The Only English Speaking Podcast about German Mittelstand

The Only English Speaking Podcast about German Mittelstand Does that sound contrary? Great! This is what exactly I will explain to you today. If you want to learn why, please hang around, I will cover it soon!

As I am re-branding The Digital Mittelstand YouTube Podcast, I have thought I can share the news with you, what we are up to and which episodes are on the way. Please support me by subscribing, liking, and commenting on my content. First of all, to distinguish between the different contents here we cover in TDM, I have come up with Series names.

To begin with, we have Voices of the Mittelstand series, where I have CEOs, CTOs from Mittelstand all over Germany, you might check out already Tamey and Jörg episodes. The goal here is to have insights from Mittelstand themselves.

The second series is the expert interviews. Where I have experts on topics such as Digital Transformation, BPM, Process Automation, Agile Methodologies, New Work, AI, Process Mining, RPA, Test Automation, New Process, QM, and so on. So that’s the concept and I plan to release 40 Episodes in 2022.

If you have any content requests, topics please let me know in the comments. if you think that you can be a guest on my podcast, reach out to me directly. I would love to hear from you! Before I jump into the Why English part, here are some topics already in production: Datenschutz, AI, Insights from the Automotive Industry, etc.

Why English? 2 reasons. First and foremost, I want to debunk the myth: German Mittelstand is conservative! HELL NO! There might be some companies, which are very conservative. That’s fine. However, we are not a good match then. Consuming content in English is already an indicator of the company culture as well as willingness to go outside of the comfort zone. Which makes us a good match. That’s enough for me! I can only build a healthy relationship with open-minded people, let it be an audience, clients, or business partners!

Secondly, as someone, who learned German as a foreign language, I don’t think that I can make a difference. Given the fact that there is already high-quality content in German, by native speakers out there. Adding upon that, the language of IT is English, and my main target group is CTOs. Hope that’s enough of an explanation.

Just as a recap, what we have achieved in 2021 together is 42 episodes, more than 6000 views, 33 podcast guests, more than 120 subscribers, 1000+ minutes of recording, and countless memories. Last but not least, PRECIOUS insights and learnings from the 33 guests that I have interviewed. Wrapping-up: I want to thank you from the deep of my heart.

Thank you to all; the subscribers, supporters, and podcast guests. Your contribution means a lot! Together we will revolutionize the German Mittelstand.

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