Digital Product Development for Mittelstand with Sarah Berger – The Digital Mittelstand Ep:12

In this episode, together with Sarah Berger, we are talking about digital product development for #mittelstand. What makes this episode special is that we have spent more time giving examples than talking about the concepts.

We have covered topics like;

  • Why digital product development is important for Mittelstand?
  • What do you mean by digital product development? Can you give examples, use-cases?
  • Is that complicated to develop digital products and how fast is the idea to live cycle?
  • What’s your top suggestion for mittelstand owners and managers to apply right away?
  • What do Beavers have to do with #Mittelstand?

Sarah Berger is the Founder of Biberei.She is a fellow HHL alumni, entrepreneur, and experienced #IT expert.

Sarah’s Article about IoT (in German):

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The Lean Start-up by Eric Ries:

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