Digital Transformation from Academic Perspective with Hubertus Schmidt-The Digital Mittelstand Ep:10

In this episode, together with Hubertus Schmidt, we are talking digital transformation (#digitaltransformation) from an #academic perspective.

We have covered topics like;

  • Why an academic perspective is important for a successful digital transformation?
  • What’s the role of people in a digital transformation project?
  • How do you classify culture as a success factor?
  • Does #mittelstand have an advantage regarding team size in comparison to enterprises?
  • Why knowing your people is crucial?
  • Why don’t companies take action, even though they know the benefits of digital transformation?
  • What is Hubertus’s top suggestion for mittelstand owners, managers to apply right away?

Hubertus Schmidt is an assistant professor at FOM, managing director of KOSTENEX and Conectimus. His motto is: Start doing the right things right.

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