How TISAX Certification can boost your Digital Transformation?

TISAX Certification

First of all, to answer this question, we need to understand the role of TISAX Certification in Digital Transformation. Therefore, we need to explain what TISAX is. Some of you might already know what TISAX is and who needs TISAX Certification. Therefore, they can jump to the second section directly.

TISAX Certification is more than Information and IT-Security. In this post, we will explain how TISAX Certification can boost your Digital Transformation.

What is TISAX Certification?

Let’s start with the acronym. TISAX stands for Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange. Or so-called; ISO 27001 for automotive. However, TISAX is way more specific and in our opinion useful than any other Information and IT Security certification. In 2017, the German Association of the Automotive Industry (Verband der Automobilindustrie, VDA) published their list of criteria regarding information security in the automotive industry.

Therefore giant automotive producers like VW, BMW, Daimler are demanding their suppliers to be TISAX certified. Regardless of whether you are an OEM producer or a creative agency that designs websites you will need the certification. Of course in case you want to work with those companies. This means even a small company with 5 employees might be required to have TISAX Certification. Hence the size of the company doesn’t play a role in the TISAX requirement.

You can find detailed information in this blog post about TISAX Certification.

What is the role of TISAX Certification in Digital Transformation?

TISAX Certification requires companies to have processes in place for IT and Information Security. Furthermore, processes have to be monitored in HR, Controlling (Compliance), Procurement departments as well. Those processes include Change Management, Patch Management, Incident Management, Supplier Evaluation, Document Classification, GDPR Processes, etc. All of those processes are the foundation stones of the TISAX Certification. Therefore, TISAX helps companies by laying the basics of business process management (BPM).

Up to this point, it might sound obvious. However, in reality, these companies are working in complex processes, unintegrated systems and they lack a center of management. Therefore, if a company’s processes are not in place, TISAX can really benefit by putting things in order.

On top of that, TISAX requires to document and monitor those processes with pre-defined KPIs. In turn, which helps companies to be more transparent, monitorable, and secure. Those KPIs are the starting points for Continuous Improvement Processes. There are also companies that taking a couple of steps further by using the accumulated data for further analysis and future projections.

One major thing that TISAX Certification helps companies is Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). TISAX requires a structured ISMS, having the roles (and process owners) defined. In addition to that, necessary policies, procedures, registers are defined and put in place.

Finally, TISAX Certification also helps with Risk Assessment for both IT and Non-IT Assets. That in turn, helps the Business Continuity Management. Often those topics are underestimated in businesses.

How TISAX can help further with Digital Transformation?

While implementing TISAX processes, you can also consider a further process implementation phase. As mentioned above, KPIs from TISAX can help with Continuous Improvement Processes. Every process can be improved. However, the process needs to be documented first, before any attempt of improvement. Here is our blog post, where we explain how to execute process optimization.

In a nutshell, process optimization follows the steps below:

  • Define
  • Optimize
  • Digitalize
  • Automate
Process Optimization Steps

According to our experience, implementing digital TISAX Processes gives companies a great chance to improve their processes in general. Do you want to learn more about Digital TISAX Processes? Then you can have more information here.

Furthermore, there are more brick stones that TISAX Certification lays for your company:

  • Creating employee awareness for Information and IT Security
  • Regular training for a smooth operation
  • Processes running instead of fulfilled documentation for the sake of certification
  • Tracked KPIs for Information IT-Security Performance

Want to learn about your TISAX readiness level?

A good way to assess yourself for TISAX, as well as your processes in place, is to run a TISAX Self-Assessment. You can do it in several ways, here is our blog post about the benefits of TISAX Self-Assessment. In addition to that, you can run a free TISAX Self-Assessment digitally via this link.

By running the TISAX Self-Assessment you can receive your TISAX maturity level. On top of that, the result will also be a good indicator of how your company is digitally advanced. Having said that, a digital maturity level is a key indicator for Digital Transformation. Thus, we strongly recommend having an eye on Digital Maturity Level as a KPI.

What’s next?

There are 2 options worth mentioning here. Firstly, if you are in the process of getting your TISAX Certification, you might consider the implementation from a long-term perspective. How this certification will help my Digital Transformation goals? You might also benefit from getting external help.

Secondly, if you already have your TISAX Certification in place, but are not sure how to integrate it into your Digital Transformation, here are a couple of options on how we might help you.


In this blog post, we have tried to give you a quick overview of TISAX. As well as, how a TISAX Certification can help you with your Digital Transformation.

Finally, as of September 2021, TISAX is well known in Germany, however not necessarily often used in any other country. My prediction is TISAX will become a global standard by 2030. As it slowly gains traction from countries like the US, UK, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, and Turkey.


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Can Adiguzel is the founder of 360 Digital Transformation and host of The Digital Mittelstand podcast. He is in Digital Transformation projects for more than 8 years. He is passionate about Digital Transformation for Mittelstand and helps Mittelstand to overcome their Digital Transformation challenges by optimizing and automating processes.

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