Mittelstand & Enterprises Learning Exchange

In this episode, together with Clemens Böhmer, we covered quite interesting learnings between #Mittelstand and Enterprises. We have talked about the following topics;

• How Mittelstand can learn from large corporates …and large corporates from Mittelstand?

• How do you help Mittelstand?

• Can you give us use-cases from your clients in Mittelstand?

• What’s Clemens’s top suggestion for Mittelstand owners, managers to apply right away?

Clemens is the Head of Digital B2B Sales in A1 Telekom Austria AG, Austria’s leading telecommunication service provider. He has recently founded Der Digitalisierer, where he helps Mittelstand to digitalize their sales and marketing activities. Clemens is also a fellow triathlete racing in 70.3 Ironman distance.

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