New Normal for Mittelstand with Senaj Lelic – The Digital Mittelstand Ep:18

In this episode, together with Senaj Lelic, we are talking about the new normal for #mittelstand and how life will be for small and medium businesses after the pandemic.

We have covered topics like;

  • Which trends does Senaj see changing in Mittelstand after the pandemic?
  • How do you define the new normal especially for the German Mittelstand?
  • When it comes to digitalization, is there any learning from other countries that German Mittelstand can also do?
  • What’s Senaj’s top suggestion for mittelstand owners and managers to apply right away?

Senaj is the founder and managing director of oneAssist, an Information Management company. He is an entrepreneur, Microsoft MVP for the last 20 years, and a natural-born presenter.

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