New Ways to Sell for Mittelstand with Dr. Robin Kiera- The Digital Mittelstand Ep:17

In this episode, together with Dr. Robin Kiera, we are talking about new ways to #sell for #mittelstand companies.

We have covered topics like;

  • Why do old-school #sales methods don’t function anymore?
  • Examples of Robin’s clients sell through new sales channels?
  • What can Mittelsatand do better to increase their sales?
  • One of Robin’s Mittelstand clients sold through TIKTOK, that’s a great example. How’s that possible?
  • What’s Robin’s top suggestion for mittelstand owners and managers to apply right away?

Robin is the founder of Digital, a consultancy company for sales and marketing. An entrepreneur has a strong background in Insurancetech. He has recently grown his company’s TikTok channel to 100k followers and in his podcast, he had starting guests like Grant Cardone, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Guy Kawasaki.

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