Social Selling for Mittelstand w Alexander Gesell – The Digital Mittelstand Ep. 35

In this episode, together with Alexander Gesell, we covered quite interesting topics around social selling in German Mittelstand. It was interesting to talk about how to leverage LinkedIn for Mittelstand, why old-school sales methods are dead?

Also, we have covered questions like:

  • Why Mittelstand should choose Social Selling instead of conventional methods?
  • How does ImagineGROWTH help Mittelstand?
  • Can you give us use cases from your Mittelstand clients?
  • What’s Alexander’s top suggestion for Mittelstand owners and managers to apply right away?

Alexander is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, LinkedIn coach, and digital nomad. His company imagineGROWTH helps Mittelstand to leverage social selling.

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