There are thousands of solutions on the market, available to Mittelstand. Unless the chosen tool meets the criterias of the client, then however the benefits will be limited. Our aim is to choose the best tools that suits our clients needs.

TISAX Process Package
QM Process Package

BPM Meets the Power of Low-Code

E-Flow is a low-code BPM tool, where you can easily design, test, execute and automate your processes. E-Flow allows you to customize your processes 100 % to your needs without necessarily grinding your budget.

TISAX Process Package

Do you want to get a TISAX certification and/or automate your TISAX processes? Here is how we can help!

QM Process Package

Do you have ISO 9001, 27001, or anything similar and you want to automate your QM processes? Here is how we can help!

AI-Based BPM with E-Flow and AI Integration

Aren't all of your businesss processes digitalized? Do you want to automate your processes? Here is how we can help!


Here you can find our use-cases for Mittelstand companies. We can also create a POC for you, in case you cannot find what you are looking for.


Here are free resources which will help you through your Digital Transformation Journey. Please let us know if you want more content.

360 DT Blog

Here you can access our Blog posts in German and in English regarding Digital Transformation for Mittelstand companies, especially in the German-speaking region.